phnom penh shooting range

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Please read about Price List Outdoor Phnom Penh Shooting Range and then call us, email us, speak to us yourself. To get great complimentary like, cold beers, transport to up and down Phnom Penh and English speaking guide and also driver. 
The outdoor range is far away from the city, it approximately take about 90-120minutes, cars from the Riverside Royal Palace is the starting point to the Cambodia Shooting Range Outdoor Phnom Penh. 
For the picked up and dropped, we can greet you at the bus/boat stops, airports afterward drive straight to the Outdoor Firing or take you to your place, tomorrow morning seeing each others at the same place at what time ?. And then directly go to the Phnom Penh outdoor Shooting Range with Personal English Speaking Tour Guide
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if you would like to have videos service and also edited videos, please pay 49$ extra for the service. we are using 5 cameras, drone, canon, Sony, Gopro and Ipaid.
Transport to the outdoor range and coming back to your hotel in Phnom Penh is 99usd extra. Look!!! if you have spent over than 500+ Usd on your gun shooting then the transport is no charged or charge ZERO US dollars. And this budget is Private tours, group tours or shared tour

Private tours please feel free let us know
Group tours is a group gun shooters which is staying at the same hotel and then leaving the hotel at the same time, pick up and dropped at the same place
Shared shooting range outdoor phnom penh tour is need to go one at a time, for the picking up from hotels in town and dropped at a separated places 

The price-List bellow is applied for the Cambodia Firing Range Outdoor Phnom Penh Mounstainside

Differences of the rpg 7 and rpg 2 are, rpg VII is very good to shoot at a long distant and has only one sound sometime(no explosion and the end), rpg II has two sounds (two explosion, at the beginning and landing) and good at fire at short targets and shoot at mountain.  
The tools and targets to make the shooting trips are more pleasure than other we would like to introduce some tools or targets and the tools are above: Moreover, all of the targets are not available at the gunrange so we need times to build them. Please feel free make a booking in advance.

Watermelon, ceramic plate, beer cans and coconuts, works very good with AK-47 and M-16, put them at a short distant, about 20-30 meters. Happy with single and automatic shoot :)
Shoot Ak 47 into ceramic plats at one time, in a line. This is a new style of shooting range, allows our you to shoot any types riffles to fire at short target in a group or groups. Ceramic plats is one the best taergets to shoot at and within its sound you will feel more happy
One fuel barrel, 50USDPut the barrels at a bit far from where we are standing, about 50-60 meters, and the weapons we use to fire are Bazooka/RPG/B-40/Rocket Launcher and M-79. In order to hit the targets, I highly recommended you spend for few minutes listen to our instructors. And then when you think ok or it's time to fire, ok do it! In order to make accurate targets I would like to recommend you buy 4 barrels and put like floor to top or paramyd style.   One Gas tank 6kg, USD40, big one 15kg, USD80We put gas tanks at a bit far from where we are standing, about 50-60 meters, and the weapons we use are, and the Bazooka/RPG/B-40/Rocket Launcher is well worked.


Cambodia shooting range

cambodia fire range

Cambodia shooting range